Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter ser etter minst to nye MIA!

Vårt kontor er stadig i utvikling, og vi ser nå etter to nye arkitekter med minst 2 års erfaring. Vi er et konkurransekontor som stadig vinner og får nye oppdrag. Kontoret går en spennende tid i vente med nye prosjekter både i privat og offentlig sektor, og vi trenger deg på laget! I dag består kontoret av 30 medarbeidere – 26 arkitekter, 2 DAK og 2 på administrasjon.   Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter ser etter deg som er effektiv, dedikert og engasjert! Du vil arbeide fra vårt fine og lyse hovedkontor sentralt i Oslo.   Kvalifikasjoner: Master i arkitektur Faglig dyktig …

Bergen Fire Station

Between the highway in Bergen, and the lake Store Lungegårdsvann, the fire station is situted. This building stands out in the landscape with its friendly image and strong lines. The station is overlooking Lake Store Lungegårdsvann, and facing its green copper back to the raod. The main materials used are concrete, larch and glass.  

Tana Courthouse

The construction of Tana Courthouse is inspired by the Sami Culture, built in respect for the surrounding nature. Larch and concrete are materials that are used throughout the construction. The core of the building is constructed with concrete elements masked with solid larch. Larch is also covering the slanted walls on the exterior. This way the snow does not stick to the walls, and the building is brought into the scenery. In the courtrooms the floors are made of broken slates and ash. A selection of the windows are tinted with color to create a feeling of the northern light.

The Sami Parliament

The Sami parliament is constructed among heather and moss. The building is cladded with Siberian larch arranged irregular – a material that will adjust over time and give a resemblance to the traditional buildings in the region. The warm atmosphere on the interior is given by the untreated pine that is used on most of the surfaces. In the assembly hall glass I situated in the ceiling to bring the nature and dancing northern light inside. The “tower” is created using glulam structure. This construction is a symbol of the Sami tents. The new wing is attached with a glass …

Viken Skog

Viken Skog is the first multi-story office building that is built entirely of timber based on the traditional construction technique – stav and laft. The outer walls have been preserved with jernvitrol and tjønnrøk – like the Norwegian stave churches. The center on all floors are split by a big cone. The cone is constructed with laminated wood pillars covered with wood chips. This is thought to be a symbol of the Norwegian forest and company Skog.

Ambassador’s residence, Berlin

The house is a representation-residence for the Norwegian embassador in Germany, situated in the outer part of western Berlin. The building creates an atrium – which protects the activities from the street, as well as the outdoor space becomes a part of the interior. The glassfacade eliminates the border between outside and inside. Interior and exterior balconies and terraces give a diversity of movement and views to the built landscape.


Finally, after many years the project with new Botanical Greenhouse is about to start. The project dates back to the 1930s when the Oslo council started the process. Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter won the international architectonic competition in 1998, but the project was postponed due to lack of budget and funding. …